Posted by Natasha Tarasov on 17th Oct 2018

I own a tack shop, and just got a new horse (Ollie), and love to shop for horse stuff! I started thinking about all the fun new tack I can get for Ollie.

Like most horse people, I have an extra trunk at home filled with horse stuff I don't use anymore. I went to it to find a different pair of spurs and I found a bridle from my thoroughbred, Woody. Woody was my first horse that I bought myself "as an adult" I bought him at 3, he was inexpensive and green and the plan was to put some training in to him and sell him. That didn't quite go as planned...Woody and I spent his entire life together!

Well, suddenly instead of picking out a new bridle for Ollie, I was cleaning and oiling Woody's old show bridle and I couldn't have been happier. Being able to us some of my old horse's stuff on the new one makes me really really happy. It blends old memories with Woody in to a new set of memories that Ollie and I will make together! Yes, it is great fun to get new stuff for a new horse, and Ollie is certainly getting lots of new stuff, but everything to do with horses is really centered around the relationship, the memories and the love we have for them!

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