Having my horse go to Florida and having the amazing opportunity to compete at WEF is simply a dream come true. But like everything, there are two sides. Being a small business owner I’m not able to get down to Florida that often. When I do, it’s great. But the majority of the winter I have been basically horseless. I always know how much riding and spending time with horses means to me. But it wasn’t until I got the opportunity to ride a friend’s horses (who is away for several months), that I realized how a huge piece of myself was missing.

The night before I started riding Little Q and Victor, I was so excited! The first morning my alarm went of much earlier than it had been when I just went straight to work without riding. At first, I rolled over and pulled the covers over my head, then I remembered that I was actually going to the barn and getting to ride. Suddenly, I was bouncing out of bed and so excited to be putting breeches on instead of jeans.

In the two weeks since I started being able to ride daily again, my mood has changed dramatically. What I really didn’t even realize was missing was back! I get to go ride horses, pet them, hug them, smell them every day, and that is what was missing in my life. My husband, my family and my staff are certainly happy that I have been given the opportunity to ride at home while my horse in enjoying the warm sunshine in Florida.

I am incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to show in Florida and to have amazing horses to ride at home. I know that. Sometimes being away from horses makes us realize how important they are in our lives. Simply being able to hug a horse, smell a horse and be around a horse is a huge part of making me happy.

That is why I started a tack shop.

I wanted to be around people who share this passion that makes me who I am. I am certain that anyone who is taking the time to read my blog feels the same way. That is why we are all part of this horse community.

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