The dream continues…I have now had three trips to Wellington. On the second weekend I showed Ollie at The Ridge Turf Tour and had a great time! Never having showed Ollie, I really didn’t know what to expect once we actually got in the ring.

But having so much trust in my horse and my trainers, I surprised myself by not being a nervous wreck! The plan was to go in and just jump around as if it was just a course at home, get my pace, stay straight and look ahead. I actually followed the plan and was thrilled with a clear round! Later in the day I was shocked to find out we won the class!!!! That just the icing on the cake. I was so happy with my horse and so proud of myself for keeping calm and executing the plan!

Fast forward three weeks later. I have barely ridden since my last trip to Florida. Luckily the week before I went down I was able to ride my friend’s horse a few times because I did the total “amateur” thing, got off the plane Friday morning dressed to show, grabbed my boots and helmet from the barn and ran to the show where they were basically holding the ring for me (no pressure, no stress in that!) I jumped on Ollie, jumped a few jumps, learned the course, took several really deep breaths and went in the ring.

Never in a million years did I think I could ever do that!!! We had a respectable round and although I was disappointed that I made a stupid mistake (pulled instead of going forward and then leaned up the neck :( someday I will learn NOT to do that…) But the rest of the ride was great and my trainers were happy.

At that point I had no idea that the plan was for me and Ollie to show that night in the Classic at The Ridge Turf Tour at Polo West under the lights. I have never done that! The atmosphere is completely different at night, there is an electricity that is not present during day classes.

Ollie knew this was special and was so excited, and his excitement was contagious. Again, instead of being nervous, I found myself surprisingly excited and calm all at the same time. We walked in the ring and it was amazing. We jumped clean and then clean and fast in the jump off! Ollie was simply amazing and it was so much fun!!!! Again, to my great surprise we won the class!

I am so lucky to be having this experience and so grateful to the entire team at my barn for making it possible. I will keep sharing it because this winter is proof that dreams can come true and you never ever stop believing in your dreams.

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