Twenty-five years ago this December I opened The Horse Connection in Bedford Village. I can’t believe it has been that long.

I started The Horse Connection as a concept about one and half years before by taking a simple idea, make customer’s lives easier (remember this was pre-internet and next day delivery), provide the best customer service (I went to the barns) and to figure out what products and services the customer needed…all at a fair price. I didn’t know a lot about business, never took a single business class at college, but I did know how hard it was to run a barn. I knew that as a barn manager for a year, I worked long hours, didn’t have time to go to the tack shop, and was always hoping that if I asked someone to go for me I had a 50/50 chance that I would get the right thing.

So when I decided that I wanted to do something else, after talking to my dad (luckily for me, a great business man!) we came up with the idea of a mobile tack business and The Horse Connection was born! After a year and a half of being in business, we had grown to a point where it actually made sense to open a store and that is when The Horse Connection in Bedford Village opened as the first ever tack shop in Bedford.

Looking back over the last 25 years (aside from thinking that I must be really old to have been in business for 25 years!), I am amazed not only in how the business has grown but at how many friends I have made and shared so many of the most important memories in their lives. I have seen customers start riding as a small child and grow to be successful Grand Prix riders and had customers who have gone to the Olympics!

The Horse Connection, like any business, has had good years and bad years, ups and downs, but through it all we have had some of the most amazing people walk through the door. I am so fortunate to be a part of this community which is the horse community, especially here in Bedford, NY.

To our many customers locally and nationally –

Thank you for making these 25 years so special!

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