The Kenyan Collection Dog Leash

    • The Kenyan Collection of dog collars, leashes and belts are designed and handmade in Kenya by the "mamas" of the Maasai Tribe. The Kenyan Collection got its start in 2003 with the goal of helping to support the Maasai Tribe and to demonstrate that products made in Africa can compete on the global market while creating employment opportunities for local artisans. 

    • Every piece from the Kenyan Collection is individually handcrafted using high-quality and hard-wearing leather and hand-cast buckles & clasps. It takes on average a day for a mama to bead a dog collar and 2 days to bead a belt. The beads are hand sewn on the first layer of leather.  The workshop in Nairobi then adds the hardware and the second layer of leather, glued & sewn to the back for softness & durability.

    • The Maasai mamas are given artistic freedom to express their artistic flair with each and every design, to encourage and safeguard the integrity of their culture. This is the beauty of our product offering and our wish to avoid mass-produced identical products. As such, a slight difference in design is to be expected.

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