Nathe Flexible Pelham Bit

  • The Nathe Mullen Mouth Pelham has been designed for horses with sensitive, fussy or very light mouths.

    The nathe bit is extremely gentle to the horse's mouth and tongue, and helps to activate salivation and softening to the contact.

    Not to be confused with cheaper, plastic mouthpieces, Nathe bits are soft and flexible, but not as bulky as rubber. A flexible steel inner core ensures safety.

    The straight bar means that the nutcracker action associated with single jointed bits is eliminated, so pressure is spread evenly over the bars, lips and tongue.

    The delicate nature of the Nathe material can mean that if chewed by the horse it may result in damage to the nathe mouth or in extreme cases breakage.

    This Nathe Pelham comes with rope roundings.

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