From leadlines to Grand Prix, we're here for your entire equestrian journey...

At The Horse Connection, we have more than 25 years of experience in helping our customers find the right products for them based on the stage of riding they're at, rather than trying to sell the highest priced items or just showing them what's new and trendy.

We know first-hand that riding is expensive, but we also know that there are many excellent choices available at different price-points when it comes to riding clothes and equipment.

With this in mind, you'll always find a wide range of products when you shop at The Horse Connection, because we intentionally accommodate a wide range of budgets.

Just as important is that based on our own riding experiences at many different ages and skill levels, we know that the most affordable equipment and clothing could actually be the best equipment and clothing for you at this stage in your riding.

There Are Four Great Reasons To Come In And Talk To Us!

1. Personalized Advice

We listen to what you need, and then recommend products tailored to your goals.

2. Different Budgets

Based on your goals, we'll use our experience to guide you through the best options

3. But Always Safe!

We're expert at properly fitting riding gear to both the the rider and the horse.

4. Friendly Service

We want you enjoy talking to us -- so you'll never feel pressured to buy anything!

What Makes Us Different?

When you come into the Horse Connection, you'll find a friendly staff that's made up entirely of riders who are here to help you. We have been in your shoes, we've adjusted to various budgets and riding goals, and we love sharing our knowledge with our customers!

What Makes You Ride?

Whether you’ve always been drawn to horses, or you used to ride and want to get back into the saddle, or your children are horse obsessed, you’re ready to take that first step. We completely understand this passion, and the next step is to come talk to us!

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