EquiFit Essential 3-Ply Face Mask

  • During rough times, there are always people and companies doing what they can to make a positive difference. In response to this pandemic, EquiFit, a company equestrians know and trust, were able to collaborate with top doctors and medical professionals in Boston to develop their Essential 3-Ply face mask.

    This mask has a inner layer infused with AgSilver, a product well known in the horse world to treat and prevent scratches and other bacterial and fungal skin issues.

    While not a substitute for an N95 mask, this mask could help preserve the life of your N95 and is comparable in effectiveness to an average surgical mask. Do not develop a false sense of security with this mask during these uncertain times. Always adhere to all federal and state guidelines and regulations.

    Please note, all masks are NOT returnable due to safety measures. Thank you for understanding!

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