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There are some pieces of riding equipment that is ok if the fit isn’t perfect. Tall boots are not one of those. It doesn’t matter if you are getting tall boots for pleasure riding or for showing, the fit matters.

If the calf is too big, the boot will rub you and drop more than it should. If the boot is too short to start, it will get way too short once it drops. All tall boots drop (get shorter) as they break in.

The amount of drop depends in part on the brand, the softness of leather and the fit of the boot. If you are planning to show and your boot is too short it affects the entire look of the picture you are striving to present as a rider. And if the boot is too short it is possible for the top to get caught on the flap which can be dangerous.

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We take great pride in getting our customers in to a boot that fits properly within their budget. Different brands fit different people and with the different brands we carry we can fit you with the perfect boot for you.

There are three parts to fitting a tall boot, the foot, the calf and the height. Because of that sometimes finding the best boot for our customer can be a little like a puzzle, finding the right pieces for the right space.

That is why it is always best to fit by someone who has the experience to put all the pieces together correctly. It makes me proud that we get thank you texts and phone calls from trainers thanking us for fitting their clients so well!

That is what we do and one of the reasons it is always best to take the time to do it right. Tall boots are an investment (and not an inexpensive one)! Like any investment you make, take the time to do it right and go to the best to get it done. 

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