Horse Pilot Airbag Full Safety Vest

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  • A safety vest developed by In&Motion specifically for riding, that protects the vital areas, including the abdomen, neck, vertebral column, and chest. This vest has the fastest inflation time on the market due to four independent gas cartridges inflating specific parts of it simultaneously. Designed for comfort and discretion. Can be worn alone or underneath compatible products. If you wish to wear the airbag system without its over-gilet you can with the Airbag Accessories Kit.

    Includes: one airbag system + one over-gilet + one magnetic leash + one gas cartridge

    Important: To keep the vest in top shape requires certain care, please read the user manual provided carefully.

    See how to replace cartridge after a fall:

    See how quietly a vest inflates: Click Here

    We're riders ourselves, so we understand that safety vest fitting is not always easy and can get a bit confusing. We would be happy to help you, please call or email us with any questions. In addition, if you need any help understanding the proper sizes to get in the compatible pieces, please contact us as well; we are your friendly neighborhood tack shop online.


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